Vote for the Best Salon in Green Bay 2014

by Found Inon May 13, 2015
Please place your vote to help determine the best salon on the Green Bay area for 2104. The winner will receive a 1 year premium listing (worth $500) on Places in Wisconsin as well as a review right here on Found in Wisconsin.

Teachers having an affair – the ugly truth

by Found Inon May 13, 2015
Recently I had been told a story of two teachers that were having an affair. One was recently divorced or separated, and the other was not, at least not when the affair began. The story had been told by a middle school student, who already knows of kids of the same age that are openly […]


Happy Mother’s Day 2015

by Found Inon May 10, 2015
To all Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day 2015! Being a Mother is a special job. To nurture and care, to love and to share, to teach us morals, and to never be unfair. You do all of this unselfishly to help us grow into the kind of person we all want to be. Happy Mother’s […]

Prime Quarter – Green Bay, WI

by Found Inon May 4, 2015
Best of 2014
BEST OF 2014 PRIME QUARTER VOTED BEST STEAKHOUSE IN GREEN BAY 2014! View Voting Results Choose from the finest cuts of U.S.D.A. Choice beef, or try one of our succulent seafood selections. Grill them yourself to perfection on our giant hickory charcoal grills.  


Chilton Family Treasure Hunt #1 – 2015 – Chilton, WI

by Found Inon May 3, 2015
Is everyone ready for some family fun? – The Chilton Family Treasure Hunt is under way! Sunday May 3rd, 2015.   LET’S PLAY! There are 8 treasures to be found, but just be aware, they are low to the ground. Most of the treasures are for kids, and that may be our fault, but if […]

LIFE HACK: A trick for cleaning your wine glass

by Found Inon April 29, 2015
You enjoy your wine, as do I, but how do you properly clean your glass? You can’t properly enjoy wine in a dirty glass, especially if their is an odor from the dishrag that may have dried the glass. So what is the best method you should use to clean it? We have found a […]

Maple Sugar Concentrated Scent Solution for $17.95 – Bob’s Bear Bait

by Found Inon April 8, 2015
My personal favorite, works well for bear and exceptionally great on Whitetails. Makes every bait smell extremely sweet. Great all season use . Simply mix this bottle with 1 gallon vegetable oil or water. By mixing with oil it will last longer in rainy weather. * Concentrated scent solutions will help the hunters to get […]

Vote on the Best Steakhouse in Green Bay for 2014

by Found Inon April 8, 2015
What is the Best Steakhouse in Green Bay, 2014? Found in Wisconsin is asking for your help to Vote for the Best Steakhouse in Green Bay, 2014. Please vote and/or comment and let us know what you think is the Best Steakhouse in Green Bay, 2014. The winner will be announced at the end of […]


Wisconsin Badgers Made Us Believe, and We’re Still Proud!

by Found Inon April 6, 2015
‘Make ‘em believe‘ has been the theme for the Wisconsin Badgers this season, and they have done a great job! For the first time in 47 years, Wisconsin has made it to the NCAA National Championship, and played their hearts out! The game ended Duke – 68, and Wisconsin – 63. This is the first […]

Joesph Michael’s Salon and Spa – Chicago, IL

by Found Inon April 6, 2015
BEST OF 2014
VOTED BEST SALON IN CHICAGO 2014 BY FOUND IN IL READERS! Joseph Michael’s Salon and Spa is one of Chicago’s Top Hair Salon and Spas, offering a diverse range of hair, skin, nail and massage services. Other awards: Best Salon, Best Spa, Best Nail Salon – Citysearch 2009 Best Chicago Day Spa – Allure magazine […]