Spooner, Trains

Ramblings near Hayward, Wisconsin. (A.K.A. One Shots.)

by Scott Shetleyon October 5, 2015
Today’s Roadside in Wisconsin article will feature several photos that do not really fit a category but are still located on a major roadway and are incredible places to snap some photos. Some of theses were taken on the LCO reservation, Spooner Wisconsin and various highways between Hayward and other known tourist type location, like […]

Week 4 Chick NFL Picks

by Found Inon October 4, 2015
I am going with a few upset picks this week. I just feel it. Last week I went 11 out of 16 so I was at 68.75% Here is what we are looking at for this week. Just because I think this is the week that some teams are going to be ready for their […]

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Roadside In Wisconsin

by Scott Shetleyon September 28, 2015
Roadside in Wisconsin will be a, sort of, travel blog. Basically it will be snippets of information of beautiful roadside locations in Wisconsin. Pull over (safely of course) and take a picture or enjoy the roadside beauty. This weeks “Roadside In Wisconsin” blog is a particularly favorite spot of mine in my local area of […]


Family Treasure Hunt in Manitowoc Saturday 9-26-15

by Found Inon September 26, 2015
So it’s Saturday, Sept. 26th, 2015, and you are just sitting around? If you have children, especially between the ages of 3 and 12, get out and join the Family Treasure Hunt in Manitowoc! What is it? We sponsor these ‘Treasure Hunts’ occasionally in Wisconsin Cities and Towns. We put some fun ‘treasures’ or ‘gifts’ in […]

NFL Week 3 2015 Picks

by Found Inon September 24, 2015
This may be the week that a few teams see their first win. Chicago or Seattle will see their first win. Buffalo or Miami will see their second, Pittsburgh or St. Louis will also see their second win, Oakland and Cleveland will also see their second. There is also Atlanta and Dallas who one of […]

74000-74146 Lakeshore Dr
Washburn, WI 54891
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RoadSide in Wisconsin.

by Scott Shetleyon September 21, 2015
Roadside in Wisconsin will be a, sort of, travel blog. Basically it will be snippets of information of beautiful roadside locations in Wisconsin.   As a relatively new resident of the great state of Wisconsin, I have been amazed at the beautiful landscapes, the vast field of wildflowers and wildlife all visible from the roadside. I […]


Family Treasure Hunt in Chilton – Sunday 9-20-15

by Found Inon September 20, 2015
Today, Sunday 9-20-15, is the perfect day for a Family Treasure Hunt in Chilton. Times: 10am-2pm We are doing this Treasure Hunt a little different than we normally do, so please read all the information! This Treasure Hunt is for a Family, meaning that there should be at least 1 adult and 1 child. You […]

The Pumpkin Bumpkin – Green Bay Packers

by Found Inon September 17, 2015
The Pumpkin Bumpkin – Green Bay Packers Your Own Packer Pumpkin Player will be Perfect for Halloween! FREE SHIPPING! Officially Licensed by the National Football League (NFL) Flame retardent costume Durable and Reusable Carving pattern included Over 2 feet tall with pumpkin RETAIL: $29.99   GET IT TODAY FOR JUST $15 w/FREE SHIPPING! GRAB THIS […]


NFL Picks Week 2 2015

by Found Inon September 17, 2015
Well Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season is in the books. Here’s our picks for week 2. Here’s to kicking off the first home game of the Packer season. GO PACK GO! Thursday September 17th @ 8:30 PM ET Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs ESPN Picks  – 1 DEN / 12 KAN ME […]


Vote: What is the Best Wisconsin Waterpark?

by Found Inon September 17, 2015
You don’t have to look very hard to find things to do in Wisconsin in the summer or winter, and Waterparks are just one way to keep entertained during a Wisconsin Summer. The pools, the water slides, and other rides are the perfect combination of fun and refreshing cool water to make any warm sunny […]