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Why Green Bay SHOULD NOT Want a Super Bowl in Green Bay

by Alisa Bashawon February 5, 2017
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Review – Lost on Netflix

by Alisa Bashawon September 25, 2016
I had heard about Lost from the moment it came out. For the first couple of seasons the day after the show aired there was always talk about how awesome it was. I thought about watching it. Considered watching it, but at that time there was no DVR yet and everyone told me, “If you […]


Rock USA 2016 – Winds of Change

by Alisa Bashawon August 2, 2016
Best of 2016
Prior to this year fans of Rock USA could count on rocking out to some of the best 70’s and 80’s music. Last year was awesome. Alice Cooper was amazing, Def Leppard rocked the whole place and Lynard Skynard was out of this world. However, it was tailored to a certain type of audience. They […]