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Enough With the Bashing: Who do I vote for?

by Shawna Parlinon November 3, 2014
The constant ADs depicting the other candidate as evil or incompetent.  The bickering between candidates, the he said she said debates it all has to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!   I for one am glad to see election day come.  Voting is a super important part of our government process and no matter your view you should have […]

Legendary BBQ Restaurant Goes Down in Flames

by Shawna Parlinon November 3, 2014
“Famous Dave’s of Hayward was Rockin’-n-Rollin” on November 1st but in the early hours of November 3rd it was engulfed in flames.  The rockin’ smokehouse became a smoking fire.  Complete devastation.  The footage shows the legendary BBQ smokehouse engulfed in flames. Original Famous Dave’s Destroyed by Fire   Their social media FaceBook page was last […]

Wisconsin Traditions: Drive-in Theaters

by Shawna Parlinon May 5, 2014
One of my favorite Wisconsin childhood memories involved going to the drive-in theater for summertime entertainment. My parents would load us kids up in the car along with blankets, canned soda pop, and Twizzlers. Mom would pop popcorn to bring along. We had an air pop popcorn maker and she’d run that machine until the bag was […]

Will Cult Following Bring People to Wisconsin?

by Shawna Parlinon March 11, 2014
The new Wisconsin Tourism ads are a fun take on a cult comedy classic, Airplane!  The ridiculous humor and clever literal translations have many laughing out loud!     ) “Striker, you are too low, I know, but Wisconsin is so beautiful in the summer, so much to do.  Over” These ads were created by […]