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Taking Northeast Wisconsin By Storm – Bingo?

by Found Inon April 22, 2018
Let me first start off by quoting a saying: ‘This is not just your Grandma’s Game Anymore‘. That is one of many fun taglines a new Wisconsin Business is using to promote their new Bingo Game that is Free for customers to play and is being played in local area bars in Northeast Wisconsin. Free […]

Rising Phoenix Voted Best Cover Band In Wisconsin for 2017

by Found Inon February 11, 2018
RISING PHOENIX is a High Energy Rock Band from Central Wisconsin that plays 70’s and 80’s Rock; boasting some of The Very Best Seasoned Veteran Musicians from the state of Wisconsin. OFFICIAL WEBSITE  |  EVENTS IN WI  |  REVIEWS IN WI (Profile Page Coming Soon)

Do We Dare Cheer For Minnesota?

by Alisa Bashawon January 20, 2018
As a Packer fan, I dislike the Vikings immensely. As I believe most Packers fans do. This being said, however, there are forces at work beyond my control. When the post season starts and the Packers are out I usually find myself cheering for the North (which usually does not include the Vikequeens). But this […]

Football and Nascar’s Most Eligible Hotties Have Hooked Up

by Alisa Bashawon January 16, 2018
Wisconsin most loved Packer Aaron Rodgers has a new girl and it is the lovely Nascar hottie, Danica Patrick. Danica Patrick confirmed that she is indeed dating Aaron Rodgers via the Associated Press. This pair doesn’t seem THAT unlikely…I mean Danica Patrick is a Wisconsite!! GO BELOIT!!! Even though she is a Bear fan…Boo Danica. […]

Pangaea – Progressive Metal Band in Wisconsin

by Found Inon November 12, 2017
Best of 2016
Pangaea was Voted Best Metal Band 2016 in Wisconsin. Best Metal Band 2016 by Found in Wisconsin’s Readers. Pangaea is a Wisconsin-based five piece that draws from numerous influences, creating music that appeals to all fans of heavy music. With this wide variety of musical influences, Pangaea brings elements from all styles of music together […]

An Evening with Eve to Adam

by Found Inon March 16, 2017
  The name Eve to Adam came to founding member Taki from the epic Illiad Paradise Lost. More specifically The Wedding Poem “Eve To Adam” Book IV. So, it is no mere coincidence that their new album is titled after another epic Illiad “Odyssey.” Eve to Adam have written their own epic story over the […]

Eve to Adam’s ‘Odyssey’ Album, Upcoming Tour & Stuff

by Found Inon February 21, 2017
First I must apologize to Eve to Adam because there are a few things I need to get off my chest and clarify when it comes to Rock ‘n’ Roll, because I believe that great bands like yours are getting unjustly treated by these so called “experts” in the industry. For the past 18 years […]

Road Crew Voted Best Country Band in Wisconsin 2016

by Found Inon January 24, 2017
Best of 2016
Road Crew was voted among 20 Great Country Bands in Wisconsin to be The Best Country Band in Wisconsin 2016. Even though we had initially started with just 20 bands in the voting, we soon got a lot of write-in votes from many of the talented Country Bands in Wisconsin! And for the first time […]

Local TV Show ‘Rock Garden Live’ Showcases Wisconsin Musicians

by Found Inon January 22, 2017
Did you know that Wisconsin holds some of the most talented musicians in the United States? It’s true! And now you can discover them too with the new Local TV Show ‘Rock Garden Live‘ that showcases Wisconsin Musicians. It officially launched last week Sunday (1/15/17) with Episode #0 – an hour long overview of the […]

The Haunted Barn in Stoughton Voted Best Haunted House in Wisconsin 2016

by Found Inon December 7, 2016
Best of 2016
Out of 32 Haunted Houses & Attractions in Wisconsin, The Haunted Barn in Stoughton was voted ‘Best of 2016’ by our readers and Haunted House fans in Wisconsin. THE HAUNTED BARN ‘BEST HAUNTED HO– USE IN WISCONSIN 2016’ No one cried the day the orphanage closed. Not even the orphans. Years of neglect and eventual […]