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Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Lands Exclusive Three Year Steven Spielberg/John Williams Movie Deal

by Found Inon February 4, 2017
KALAMAZOO, MI, February 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease KSO in three-year agreement with the Los Angeles based Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency and New York based IMG Artists as Southwest Michigan’s exclusive partner in live performances of three Steven Spielberg/John Williams movies. The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra is proud to announce that, in addition to its existing multiyear alliance with Disney […]

Fall Color — By Land or By Sea

by YooperGoddesson September 26, 2016
October is one of my favorite months to be at camp on Horseshoe Lake in Republic, Michigan. It’s the time of year when the skyline resembles a water color painting from heaven. On my most creative and eloquent day, my description would still not do it justice. I can’t describe how the golden leaves of […]

NFL Week 3 2015 Picks

by Found Inon September 24, 2015
This may be the week that a few teams see their first win. Chicago or Seattle will see their first win. Buffalo or Miami will see their second, Pittsburgh or St. Louis will also see their second win, Oakland and Cleveland will also see their second. There is also Atlanta and Dallas who one of […]

You Report the News – How Technology Changed Us

by Found Inon September 15, 2015
Technology has really changed the way we read and how you report the news. In the beginning, there was Newspapers. Oh, I know some still exist, but many have stopped all together or focused on a newer medium such as the internet. Then there was Radio. – Still used quite a bit today, though many listeners have turned […]

NFL Week 1 Picks for the 2015 Season

by Found Inon September 10, 2015
At the beginning of the season it is pretty much a crap shoot as to you is going to win and lose. There is always one team that everyone assumes is going to do really well that ends up kicking the bucket by the end of the year and one team that everyone assumes will […]

7 of the worst political scandals in Michigan history

by Found Inon August 16, 2015
  Things are hopping in Lansing, as the details of an affair between state Reps. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat continue to unfold. With a faux-smear campaign/cover-up claiming Courser hired male prostitutes, orchestrated by Courser himself to “inoculate the herd” against the truth of his affair with Gamrat, a series of purported blackmail texts from […]

Ferguson Grand Jury Decides Not to Indict Officer Wilson

by Found Inon November 24, 2014
Will Wisconsin cities have unrest in wake of Ferguson grand jury decision? Ferguson Grand Jury Decides Not to Indict Officer Wilson. Not since the Rodney King situation can I remember a time when the country has been such a racial powder keg. CNN is stating that cities all across the country are prepared for demonstrations […]

The ONLY Reason To Pull Your Christmas Tree Out In October

by Found Inon October 16, 2014
As I walk down my neighborhood I love the sounds and scents of the seasons but there are a few people in my city that have already broken out their Christmas decorations and done up their houses. There is only one reason to pull your Christmas tree out in October and I will share it […]

Tommy Ramone, Tracy Morgan, and more – Lane Today!

by Found Inon July 12, 2014
7/12/14 – Lane Talks about Tommy Ramone, Tracy Morgan, and more.

Spam ‘er No?

by Found Inon June 23, 2014
I remember my parents making me a sandwich as a kid, of coarse not really knowing what the mystery meat was. My mom, who was a very good cook, whom I trusted with my life, had never made me anything I didn’t like. What was the sandwich? It was toasted (on bread or a bun), […]