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Waukegan Haunted House a little too realistic

by on October 19, 2014

The popular ‘Wicked Waukegan Haunted House’ is in it’s eighth year in business, and has been a popular Haunted Attraction in the Waukegan area. Because of the popularity, the owners ‘The Grahams’, starting pre-selling tickets to keep track of visitors.¬†After a discrepancy in the number of tickets versus receipts at the end of the day during the first week of the month, along with some feedback about a stinky old dead man on the second level, they eventually found what many thought was just a prop for the event.

Every year they add new props, so at first the reports of the stinky old man that was scaring people really was nothing that rose any red flags. It wasn’t until a 31 year old mother and her children entered the house onto the second floor. The mother screamed in terror after her daughter bumped into what they thought was a prop dummy, when his arm came off with fluids and blood splattering on them. It smelled so bad, the kids immediately started to vomit. The prop, was not a prop at all, it was a 72 year old man that had died after climbing the stairs to the second floor, and had been sitting there for 2 weeks.

The health department had shut down the attraction, and the Grahams don’t plan on re-opening until next season.

No charges are being filed, and this is being noted as just an unfortunate accident.




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