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3 Tips for Your Labor Day Barbecue

by on September 1, 2015

With the dog days of summer winding down, many of us are busy planning our Labor Day Barbecue. This American tradition is often a time for many people to gather with friends, crank on some tunes, grab a frosty beverage and celebrate the end of the summer.

Below are some tips to make your Barbecue party a success:

Barbecue Grill


  1. Ditch the propane.  If you are truly intending on having a killer barbecue party, you can’t grill with propane.  Most of the joy of the party comes from standing around a charcoal grill with your favorite frosty beverage while you wait for the charcoal to burn itself down so you can cook on it.  If you use propane, you literally just turn on the fire, throw on the meat and cook.  A ton of the experience (not to mention most of the flavor) is lost with propane.





  1. Have a cooler with ice outside for drinks.  If you aren’t providing the drinks for your friends and family (hint: don’t, everyone will prefer to bring their own instead of drinking your swill), the people coming to your barbecue will greatly appreciate being able to drop their drinks into your cooler instead of having to rearrange your refrigerator so they can have cold drinks. It also makes it so you don’t have to walk far from the grill to grab a cold one.






  1. Make sure your music is appropriate for the occasion.  Just because you dig classical music doesn’t mean that your guests are going to appreciate the complexity of Mozart’s requiem in d minor.  IRagtownf it is just your friends, pick something upbeat that facilitates the party atmosphere (sorry emo fans). For a barbecue that consists of multi-generation attendees (aka parents, uncles and aunts etc.) I recommend creating a Pandora station using the term “celebration”.  This will bring up the option to choose the song “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang.  The music that is played will usually be just right for the older folks and still tolerable to those of us under the age of 60.  I have had great luck with this station in the past.



Whatever you do with your barbecue/party this upcoming weekend, have fun!  In the words of George R.R. Martin, “winter is coming”.



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