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The Ugly Truth – Attention Parents!!! Especially Mothers!

by on September 12, 2016

There are two sets of parents. And I am not talking about foster, adopted, religious, ethic, etc etc difference in parents. We are talking about two seperate type.

The first type is the early set parent. This is the parent that is usually in their early 20’s and has young children. They still have wonderful daydreams of what their perfect precious little darling 7 year old might be like in 10 years. Will she be the prom queen or maybe the valedictorian?

The second is the group of parents that have already been through their early child rearing days and just when they crossed over into the preteen years OOPS they get to start over again.

The first set of parents usually feel like they have it all figured out. Their children are the perfect ones. The ones that do nothing wrong but they forget that a lot of life lessons pass between 7 and 17.

So, let me tell you a nice little bedtime story to prove my point.

My daughters are 7 and 5 and we live on a street with a lot of other families. Many of the children are the same age as my oldest daughter 7/8. They all play together and have fun.

But then I find out that one of the parents on that street held a neighborhood meeting to discuss our children and us as parents.

We eventually moved out of the neighborhood.

Then in 2011 when The Pack won the Superbowl we walked over from our house out to Hazelwood (Lombardi turns into Hazelwood) to watch the buses go by. The mother who called the meeting brought her kids over by us to see the Pack too and we talked. She let all the beans spill. She had been sent to a mental institution for a little bit, she cheated on her husband, she had been drinking a lot but that she was working on herself, and her oldest son had sued them (the parents) and disowned them.

I was floored. Don’t throw stones.

Then as more time went by and our children grew older, her daughter grew more rebellious. Mine continued to do well in school and kept her nose clean. Suddenly it went from having meetings and not wanting my child near hers to begging to have my daughter come to her house and spend the weekend with her daughter.

Flash forward to today and to my 7 year old son. There is a family that for some reason the mother has an issue with my son. The father has no idea why but she just feels that her daughter is too well behaved for my son. HUH? WHAT?

This is where that 2 different parent thing comes into play.

See the mother this new mom is the first type of mom. The one that knows all the answers. But her little sweetheart in 10 years could be a royal terror for all she knows.

I mean unless your kid is Jesus do not judge other peoples children. Well, heck and even in Jesus’s example there are 18 missing years. For all we know he was a little rebellion. Tipping cows, betting on camel racing, throwing late night raves with all that free wine he could make.

So the first type of parent is constantly worrying about this and that. They make the second type of parents go nuts with all their rules and their whispers.

The one good thing about being a second round mommy is that I fret less about what those parents think and I am automatically enrolled into the second round parents club.

We can sense when there are others around like us. We are the ones that are not fretting about the spot on our children’s shirt, the ones that are fine if they don’t eat all their veggies, we don’t get upset when they stay up a little later than normal watching a movie that might be a little past the G rating ok the PG rating…..fine PG-13 rating.

We realize there are so many other things out there in the world that we have to worry about other than the small things that the first time parents do.

So, for the first time parents who think they have it all figured out take a step back and realize that you don’t.

We all do the best that we can to be the best parents that we can.

But hey if you agree or don’t or have any questions feel free to ask me a question.

I will always give you The Ugly Truth….no B.S here.












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