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2015 Week 5 NFL Picks

by Found Inon October 10, 2015
Here are the 2015 Week 5 NFL Picks and I have to ask. What is the deal with this week? Is it a battle of bad teams? It seems like 90% of the teams playing each other at 1-3 and 2-2. I want to see two 4-0 teams go at it! I want to see […]

NFL Picks Week 2 2015

by Found Inon September 17, 2015
Well Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season is in the books. Here’s our picks for week 2. Here’s to kicking off the first home game of the Packer season. GO PACK GO! Thursday September 17th @ 8:30 PM ET Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs ESPN Picks¬† – 1 DEN / 12 KAN ME […]

Week 10 NFL Picks

by Found Inon November 8, 2014
So after a 2 week bye ourselves we are back with our picks. The great thing about not picking for two weeks is that we don’t care if we are wrong cause our stats are short for the year now. So let’s get right now into huh?   Teams on bye this week are Patriots, […]

Week 7 NFL Picks

by Found Inon October 16, 2014
Do you remember the time when it seemed like we were adding expansions teams every year and football teams were changing cities and states as often as chess pieces? I figured it was only a matter of time before we started talking about expansion teams again. So across the board it’s being asked what state […]

Week 6 NFL Picks for this weeks games

by Found Inon October 9, 2014
Well last week I got 12 out of 15 right and I picked Thursday nights game right, so let’s see how I do this week. Here are my pick for Sunday’s games. If you don’t agree let us here your thoughts.   Here’s the rest   Sunday 12 Noon Games on CBS Baltimore Raves @ […]

Week 3 NFL Picks 2014

by Found Inon September 18, 2014
So last week I tried something new. I went with my head and less with my heart. Yeah that didn’t work so well. I actually did worse. 9-7. However, I was right out of the 4 games that all the “experts” all chose one team to win the (NO-CLE STL-TB SEA-SD KC-DEN) two won two […]