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Wisconsin’s Favorite Chef Makes Second TV Appearance

by Found Inon June 23, 2016
Wisconsin’s very own Masterchef made an appearance in Wednesday nights Wedding episode. During a scene of the guests at the reception we catch a glimpse of Katrina laughing and enjoying herself. It is great to see Wisconsin so well represented on national TV. GO KATRINA. Check out our interview with Katrina and see what Katrina […]

Home Cook Makes Wisconsin Proud On MasterChef

by Found Inon September 15, 2015
Most people watch reality TV shows for the same reason they watch boxing, MMA fights, and NASCAR. To see the battles, the wrecks, the fights, the disasters, and the human toll it takes. For the fans of MasterChef this season it is the brutal and sometimes harsh battle between Stephen and Derrick. This year it […]

The Little Masterchef That Could

by Found Inon August 26, 2015
Hometown Chef Katrina Kozar from Milwaukee, WI has managed to outlast 17 of the original 22 contestants in Fox’s series Masterchef. After she gained her confidence she has been able to consistently wow the judges. Then week after week her teammates have said that they believe she will be the next Masterchef. Could it be? […]