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You Report the News – How Technology Changed Us

by Found Inon September 15, 2015
Technology has really changed the way we read and how you report the news. In the beginning, there was Newspapers. Oh, I know some still exist, but many have stopped all together or focused on a newer medium such as the internet. Then there was Radio. – Still used quite a bit today, though many listeners have turned […]

Emergency Crews Respond to Fire On State Road in Chilton

by Found Inon August 23, 2015
A fire broke out a W2992 State Road in Chilton, WI today sometime after 12:30pm (Sunday 8/23/2015). Emergency crews from Brillon, Chilton, Stockbridge and Hilbert all responded. However, by the time they had arrived the barn, farm, chicken coop and silos were all engulfed in flames. The smoke was so thick that it was hard to […]

75,000 square foot medical marijuana facility opening in Illinois

by Found Inon August 17, 2015
BARRY, Ill. – A 75,000 square foot medical marijuana manufacturing and research facility is one week away from growing marijuana and studying the science behind the cannabis. Revolution Industries CEO Tim McGraw called it the most sophisticated, technologically advanced facility in the world. It’s two hours from St. Louis, in a small town of 1400 people […]

Tommy Ramone, Tracy Morgan, and more – Lane Today!

by Found Inon July 12, 2014
7/12/14 – Lane Talks about Tommy Ramone, Tracy Morgan, and more.