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Metal Bands

5 Headbang Worthy Metal Bands in Wisconsin – Vote for Best of 2016

by Found Inon March 15, 2017
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Wisconsin is full of some hard core metal bands….and we have found 5 Headbang Worthy Metal Bands in Wisconsin that you need to checkout!  Metal Bands don’t get the recognition they deserve. I get it….the music is loud and there is usually some screaming. That can sometimes turn people off, but the genre has a place that […]

Small Town, Big Parade – 4th of July Parade 2016 – Hilbert, WI

by Lane Bashawon July 7, 2016
Best of 2016
First let me say….we have been to many celebrations and parades throughout Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It was a very nice surprise to see such a nice turnout and quality parade in the little community of Hilbert, WI. Their 2016 4th of July Parade was not only a quality parade, but it was also planned […]

We’re Back!!!!!!!! How You Can Help

by Found Inon January 8, 2016
As many of you know, our server was hacked back in November, and that along with the holidays equals really bad timing. We are now back up and running, but would really love some help from you, our fellow Wisconsinites. What kind of help? We are actually looking for ideas, opinions, and even some people […]

Fall finishes with an explosion of color.

by Scott Shetleyon October 19, 2015
For the most part, fall is past peak color in Wisconsin. There are a few valleys, stretches of road and lakesides that are still very vibrant but for the most part Fall colors are finished. As I look out my window at the passing ground covered in a patchwork blanket of leaves quilted by nature […]

Ramblings near Hayward, Wisconsin. (A.K.A. One Shots.)

by Scott Shetleyon October 5, 2015
Today’s Roadside in Wisconsin article will feature several photos that do not really fit a category but are still located on a major roadway and are incredible places to snap some photos. Some of theses were taken on the LCO reservation, Spooner Wisconsin and various highways between Hayward and other known tourist type location, like […]
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Roadside In Wisconsin

by Scott Shetleyon September 28, 2015
Roadside in Wisconsin will be a, sort of, travel blog. Basically it will be snippets of information of beautiful roadside locations in Wisconsin. Pull over (safely of course) and take a picture or enjoy the roadside beauty. This weeks “Roadside In Wisconsin” blog is a particularly favorite spot of mine in my local area of […]

RoadSide in Wisconsin.

by Scott Shetleyon September 21, 2015
Roadside in Wisconsin will be a, sort of, travel blog. Basically it will be snippets of information of beautiful roadside locations in Wisconsin.   As a relatively new resident of the great state of Wisconsin, I have been amazed at the beautiful landscapes, the vast field of wildflowers and wildlife all visible from the roadside. I […]

Vote: What is the Best Wisconsin Waterpark?

by Found Inon September 17, 2015
You don’t have to look very hard to find things to do in Wisconsin in the summer or winter, and Waterparks are just one way to keep entertained during a Wisconsin Summer. The pools, the water slides, and other rides are the perfect combination of fun and refreshing cool water to make any warm sunny […]

Wisconsin is LIFE T-Shirt for just $12 w/Free Shipping!

by Found Inon September 6, 2015
Wisconsin is LIFE T-Shirt by If you love Wisconsin as much as we do, you are sure to love this t-shirt we designed. The shirt says: Wisconsin – Beer, Brats, Cheese, The Pack – is LIFE Dual Sided Print! Gilden Cotton White T-Shirt 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton. *FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM! **Shirts are made per […]

10 Things People in Wisconsin Can’t Live Without

by Found Inon August 15, 2015
Many of the 10 Things People in Wisconsin Can’t Live Without are ‘No Brainers’, especially for Wisconsin Residents, but we thought it would be fun to share them with you anyway. 1.  The Green Bay Packers Photo credit: Phil Roeder / Foter / CC BY Who would’ve thunk it? A little football team that started in […]