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5 Headbang Worthy Metal Bands in Wisconsin – Vote for Best of 2016

by Found Inon March 15, 2017
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Wisconsin is full of some hard core metal bands….and we have found 5 Headbang Worthy Metal Bands in Wisconsin that you need to checkout!  Metal Bands don’t get the recognition they deserve. I get it….the music is loud and there is usually some screaming. That can sometimes turn people off, but the genre has a place that […]

Road Crew Voted Best Country Band in Wisconsin 2016

by Found Inon January 24, 2017
Best of 2016
Road Crew was voted among 20 Great Country Bands in Wisconsin to be The Best Country Band in Wisconsin 2016. Even though we had initially started with just 20 bands in the voting, we soon got a lot of write-in votes from many of the talented Country Bands in Wisconsin! And for the first time […]

Gun Sin Roses Voted Best Tribute Band in Wisconsin 2016

by Found Inon December 2, 2016
Best of 2016
Gun Sin Roses was voted on among the Top 10 Tribute Bands in Wisconsin as the ‘Best of 2016’ from our readers and by fans. Voting was done by online vote. Click the link above to view to original poll. Gun Sin Roses  ‘Best Tribute Band in Wisconsin 2016’ Guns N’ Roses are the last […]

The Joys, Secrets and Lives of Pop Evil

by Found Inon October 31, 2016
  When I interview someone I want to ask them questions that I have always wanted to know the answers to.  I always want to know the things that no one else knows.  The questions you normally couldn’t ask without getting them three sheets to the wind. I want to know things that nobody knows […]

20 Great Country Bands in Wisconsin – Vote for Best of 2016

by Found Inon September 19, 2016
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Wisconsin is home to many talented musicians. That is why it wasn’t hard to find 20 Great Country Bands in Wisconsin that you need to check out when you get a chance. We’ve got country bands from Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, and more that play country covers and/or originals that will really blow your […]

Rock USA 2016 – Winds of Change

by Alisa Bashawon August 2, 2016
Best of 2016
Prior to this year fans of Rock USA could count on rocking out to some of the best 70’s and 80’s music. Last year was awesome. Alice Cooper was amazing, Def Leppard rocked the whole place and Lynard Skynard was out of this world. However, it was tailored to a certain type of audience. They […]

The Sound of Not So Silent -Disturbed at Rock USA 2016 in Oshkosh, WI

by Lane Bashawon July 16, 2016
Found in Wisconsin will be writing a full review of this year’s event, but we felt the need to write a little something……and Disturbed definitely was a newsworthy show! Disturbed seemed to have made a lot of new fans with an awesome remake of the song ‘Sound of Silence’, and what’s funny, is that many […]

Top 10 Tribute Bands of Wisconsin – Vote for Best of 2016

by Found Inon July 11, 2016
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There are some very good musicians in Wisconsin and we have some of the very best tribute bands based right here in our own backyards. We have compiled a list of the top 10 tribute bands of Wisconsin for 2016 for you to view and vote for your favorite to be the ‘Best Tribute Band […]

Eminence – The Rock Band You Have To Hear

by Found Inon September 4, 2015
So there I am at the Rock for Autism event when lo and behold I find myself face to face with an all girl rock band called Eminence. WHOA!? When did THAT happen? It is something that is lacking in the rock scene and has been lacking for a long time. We have fine ladies […]

Bad Habitz Cover Band – Oshkosh, WI

by Found Inon April 5, 2015
Best of 2014
VOTED BEST COVER BAND IN NE WISCONSIN 2014 BY FIW READERS! Teen sensations Bad Habitz are tearing up Wisconsin with their unbelievable talent and awesome rock cover anthems! If you have not seen Bad Habitz, we suggest you check out a show, or tell your local bar or club that you want them to play […]